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Our semiconductor embedded recovery sleeves and braces reduce chronic joint pain by more than 62%

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Put Simply, Our Products Are

Clinically Proven to Deliver Results

Although our Thermo™ Lite Collection was specifically designed for home use, our Lite products can be worn outside during light exercise (i.e. walking) and activity (i.e. running errands).

This versatility makes them the perfect solution for acute or chronic muscular and/or joint injuries, conditions, or general pain.

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Thermo™recovery wear product.


Moisture Wicking

Bamboo Charcoal Fibers

Thermal Regulation

Sensitive Skin Approved

I purchased this item to a sprained wrist and sprained elbow area due to a fall. The results were immediate - it warmed the area and contained it which was helpful in recuperating - it was not expensive and did the job

– Amber, Rookie Moms

A woman wearing Thermo™recovery wear.

Increase Blood Flow

Accelerate Recovery

Chronic Pain Relief

Flexibile 3D Fibers Weave

Recycled Fabrics



A tennis player wearing Thermo™recovery wear in a match.