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Thermo Recovery Wear Thermo™ Lite Recovery Dual Shoulder Sleeve $79.99
Our Thermo™ Lite Dual Shoulder Sleeve is made from high quality “Black Diamond” bamboo charcoal fabric and designed specifically for those who spend the majority of their time at home working, resting or recovering.  Because the bamboo charcoal embedded in the fabric is a naturally-occurring semiconductor, when warmed up by your body heat, the fabric releases infrared waves which cause cellular vibrations which increases blood flow, recovery, and oxygen/nutrient delivery to your sore shoulders. In turn, this decreases inflammation, swelling and pain while accelerating your body’s natural healing process.  Please note, Thermo™ Recovery Wear is NOT compression wear; Thermo™ Recovery Wear is an alternative to compression!  During a recent online focus group with our top customers of this product, these were the top five word/expressions used to describe this dual shoulder sleeve: Great shoulder coverage Flexible Warm and comfortable Lightweight Supportive