Hyperice vs. Therabody: Which Brand to Trust?

Buying physical recovery technology and comparing Hyperice vs Therabody? Feel confident in your purchase by learning more about which brand to trust.
Hyperice vs. Therabody: Which Brand to Trust?

Hyperice and Therabody are the two major names in the physical recovery technology market. These competing companies offer a similar range of products, like massage guns, smart foam rollers, and recovery apparel, in comparable price ranges. 

Because of these similarities in product lines, it has created patent infringements between the two. On January 3, 2024, Hyperice filed a lawsuit against Therabody (more on this later).

This recent action has made many customers wonder which of the two brands to trust. To help you decide, we’ve made a Hyperice vs. Therabody comparison below (the lawsuit aside) to know which one has the better quality, performance, and customer satisfaction and service. 

What We Know About the Lawsuit So Far

Hyperice filed an infringement of the patented percussion massage technology, which is the intellectual property used in their massage guns, against Therabody.

Hyperice claimed that Therabody used patented information from 2013 for their latest massage gun range. These products include Theragun Elite, Theragun Pro Plus, Theragun Prime, Theragun Mini, Theragun Sense, and TheraFace PRO.

At the time of writing, no conclusions have been reached. Both companies plan to defend their intellectual property in the upcoming months. 

Will This Lawsuit Impact You?

No, nothing changes on your side. Products from both brands continue to be on the market and patronized. 

The best thing you can do is learn about what each brand has to offer and then choose the one that aligns best with your needs.

Who Does It Better? Comparing Hyperice and Therabody

Hyperice entered the percussion massager market in 2011 by targeting elite athletes, which helped accelerate the business rapidly. On the other side, Therabody is a pioneer in wellness technology and first gained popularity in the massage gun market with the release of Theragun. 

Both brands have long expanded their range to other groundbreaking recovery technology items, all of which have their pros and cons. 

To keep this comparison simple, we’ll choose one of each brand’s top-performing products to give you an idea of which of the two you should trust in terms of product quality, product performance, customer satisfaction, and customer service experience.

Let’s see how Hyperice’s Hypervolt 2 Pro ($329) goes against Therabody’s Theragun Pro Plus ($599). 

Note: Both do offer a cheaper range of massage guns for those looking for a consumer-friendly price point.




Product Quality

Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

Better materials and user-focused design

Product Performance

Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

Longer battery life, stronger power, and extensive settings

Customer Satisfaction


Ease of use

Customer Service Experience

Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

Ease of shipping and returns

Product Quality

If you’re dropping hundreds of dollars on an item, you will want to ensure the best quality. 

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

Hyperice’s massage guns, in general, are lighter in weight and power. Their designs focus on portability and everyday recovery. Some of the most notable features demonstrating this are:

  • Weight: The Hypervolt 2 Pro is especially loved for its 2.6 lb lightweight design. It’s 9.5 inches long, making it smaller compared to others in the market.
  • TSA-approved: It’s significantly easier to travel with the Hypervolt, as it’s portable and approved by TSA to travel with. 

Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

The Theragun Pro Plus has a reputation for being the higher quality and more powerful massage gun on the market. It’s an advanced percussion massage device that uses specialized technology to dig deeper into your muscles. 

    • Weight: With more power often comes more weight. The Theragun Pro Plus weighs 2.9 lbs and is 10’’ in length. 
  • Ergonomic design: One of its most loved and notable features is its design that allows you to reach difficult places, such as your back or neck. The handle is specifically designed for self-use.

  • Winner: Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

    Product Performance

    The most important part of purchasing a recovery product is the item's performance. Both of these items perform well but offer different benefits.

    Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

    The Hypervolt 2 Pro provides a lightweight, portable, and gentle massage. It’s a fantastic tool for those who want to travel with a massage gun and use it for gentle recovery. 

    • Silence: The Hypervolt offers a quieter massage than most massage guns. It can be used without generating a distracting amount of noise. 
    • Gentle: Many users comment on the effectiveness of the gentle massage for mild pain relief. It’s up to you to decide whether a gentle or aggressive approach will be better for your needs. 
    • Customizable settings: There are two adjustable heads and three settings for speed.

    Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

    The Therabody Theragun Pro Plus provides a more high-end performance. It comes with significantly better power and customization that makes it worth it for those needing serious recovery. 

  • Battery life: The battery-operated Theragun Pro Plus runs for five hours.
  • Power: The Theragun Pro Plus reaches 60% deeper into muscles than other massage devices due to its proprietary percussive technology and strength. 
      • Bluetooth pairing: You can connect to their app for programmed and guided sessions. 
  • Customizable settings: There are six heads and five settings for speed.

  • Winner: Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

    Customer Satisfaction

    The overall customer experience can be compared by looking at ratings and testimonials. Both brands rate high in customer satisfaction and have support from professional athletes.  

    Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

    Hypervolt 2 Pro has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon with 1,607 ratings. Customers are overall satisfied, with testimonials highlighting the following as the peak benefits: 

      • Pressure: They found that the pressure sensors on the Hypervolt aren’t too rough and target their muscles more lightly and comfortably than other massage guns.
      • Intuitive controls: They highlighted how easy it is to use the device. The controls don’t require you to read instructions, and it’s simple to self-guide yourself through muscle recovery massages. 
  • Quiet: They find the quiet sound of the massage gun useful when they multitask, such as watching TV. Other similar technology can be distractingly loud. 

  • The Image Doctor stated:

    You know when you get top quality - this is it. If you've tried ANY similar percussion massagers, then you know they all sound and feel like a cheap jig-saw. Not this one. The Hyperice is SO smooth... almost fluid... and amazingly quiet. We call ours a "thumper-bumper" or "the Pain Eraser," and we use it every night, and we have for YEARS. My son bought the v2 model, which is even better, but any true Hypervolt / Hyperice is a great product. Highly recommended and worth the money. 

    Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

    Theragun Pro Plus has 4.5/5 stars on Amazon with 2,417 reviews. This product has been on the market for a shorter amount of time but still has more reviews. Testimonials supporting it repeatedly call out the following emotional benefits:  

  • Comfort: They preferred its unique handle design over other similar products. It allows them to access the hard-to-reach spots effectively.  
  • Ease of use: They loved how the system was simple and easy to figure out. 
  • Effective attachment set: They felt like the additional attachments alleviated their muscle pain and sped up their recovery. 

  • Jimi stated: 

    I wanted the best massage gun I could get, and I found one in the Pro Plus. I love the design and the professional look. It comes with a carrying case and 7 attachments for whatever needs you have, plus a USB-C charging cable. It is powerful, yet not very noisy. It has settings to make adjustments to your liking. It looked a tad bulky, but after a few uses, I have gotten used to it to the point where l like to have it with me at most times.

    Winner: Tied

    Customer Service Experience

    Dealing with customer service can make or break a brand. If you have any troubles with receiving your product or the quality, you want to be sure they’ll be sorted out quickly and easily.  

    Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

    Hyperice offers two types of shipping: ground or expedited. While ground shipping is free and usually takes 5 to 7 days for domestic, expedited will have additional fees for you to get Hypervolt 2 Pro within 2 to 4 days. It’ll cost you even more if you opt for international shipping. 

    We couldn’t find the specifics of the return policy on their website, but we do know that they offer a 30-day return window if you’re unhappy with the item. You will need to reach out to submit a request online to receive the instructions to repackage the product. 

    Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

    Therabody stands out with its customer service by offering free shipping anywhere in the world, with orders arriving on average within 1 to 5 days. They're quick to ship, have cheaper fees for international orders, and offer online order tracking. 

    They also encourage you to reach out with any concerns regarding your Theragun Pro Plus order. If you need to return the item, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. They also make it easy by sending a Return Authorization Form and package directly to your doorstep upon request. Refunds typically take 10 days. 

    Winner: Therabody Theragun Pro Plus

    Weighed Up: Which Brand Should You Buy? 

    Both innovative companies offer reliable products. After our experience trying products from each brand, there’s a clear winner for quality, performance, and customer satisfaction and service.  

    You pay for what you get. Hyperice’s products are less expensive but can’t match Therabody's overall quality and power. If you want a long-lasting product that will give you the most strength in recovery therapy, then invest in Therabody products.

    If you’re looking for small ways to incorporate recovery into your daily life, check out the latest Thermo Recovery Wear collection. We offer innovative recovery wear that aims to help ease your joint and muscle pains.