Muscle Recovery Made Easy: 3 Post-workout Recovery Clothing You Should Try Out

Discover which clothing brands are blazing a trail and giving athletes greater options for better blood flow and less muscle soreness.
3 Best Post-workout Recovery Clothing for Athletes

As an athlete, you're always on the hunt for workout gear that provides better support, enhances healing time, maintains your muscles, and helps you stay cool. You've fallen victim to the placebo effect a time or two, but as you ramp up your routine, you want a solution that works. 

Compression clothing is the best choice for post-workout recovery, as it helps your body heal naturally so you're raring to go. From compression socks to tights and everything in between, you can experience less delayed onset muscle soreness after your training sessions with post-exercise recovery wear. 

Which compression clothing brands do professional athletes choose when they want better blood circulation, faster muscle recovery, and higher-quality sleep? Discover the brands impacting the industry. 

Top Choices for Post-workout Recovery Clothing

1. Lite Dual Shoulder Sleeve - Thermo Recovery Wear

Thermo's Lite Dual Shoulder Sleeve is the key to muscle recovery in the upper body. Made from bamboo charcoal, the high-quality fabric is more than 50% recycled, making it an excellent choice for the eco-conscious athlete. 

Begin the recovery process in your dreams, as Thermo's shoulder sleeve is wearable for 24 hours. That will ensure you get enough sleep so you can kick-start your training tomorrow. 


  • Fast-drying and antimicrobial to support longer-term wear without smelling. The bamboo fabric is also moisture-wicking.
  • Thermoregulating for better temperature control. The Lite Dual Shoulder Sleeve will retain body heat in the cold and release it in warmer conditions so you can focus on your training. 
  • Reduces pain to improve performance while alleviating pressure and swelling. 
  • Sends more oxygen to the blood, allowing you to recover from your training faster and plan your next exercise session sooner. 


  • Users have said putting on the sleeve can be difficult if you have shoulder pain. 

2. UA Rush SmartForm 2.0 Shirt - Under Armour

Under Armour is a brand that needs no introduction, as it has a long reputation of providing athletes with fine apparel choices for perceived exertion. Its UA Rush SmartForm 2.0 shirt proves that wearing compression clothing can look stylish while benefiting your body.

With polyester and elastin comprising the base and Celliant technology, this UnderArmor shirt suits any athlete who wants to ward off muscle fatigue. 


  • Fitted style with raglan sleeves for a trendy look at the gym and on the streets.
  • Ventilated and moisture-wicking for warding off sweat stains; the fast-drying fabric keeps you looking and feeling fresh.
  • UA Rush infrared technology reflects energy, leading to faster and easier recovery.
  • The SmartForm compression sleeves have auxetic technology for a closet fit that still lets you work out the way you want. 


  • Users found that you can't iron or dry-clean the shirt. 

3. Cross Compression Short with Hip Spica - McDavid

The Cross Compression Short from McDavid, a protective and recovery gear brand, is named for its Cross Compression technology, a McDavid staple. The technology is like wearing tape, but it's compression tights instead. 

The nylon and spandex shorts support the quads and hamstrings to help you push forward with physical activity without as much risk of injury. 


  • Look like a professional athlete in these head-turning, efficient compression tights.
  • The flat-lock tech makes long-term wear more comfortable and preserves the seams.
  • The hip spica wraps around your midsection, alleviating hip flexor pain.
  • Included hDC Moisture Management Technology provides excellent moisture-wicking in this compression wear. 


  • Users have complained about the fit being too small and the lack of support. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Recovery Clothing for You

From speedier recovery time to enhanced performance, the reasons are clear why many professional athletes wear compression gear. As you explore your options, keep these points in mind. 

Embrace Quality

From compression socks to compression tights and more, recovery wear is not all created equally. Some recovery attire is comfortable enough for 24-hour wear, even when you're sleeping, to alleviate pain and enjoy sweeter dreams. 

Know the Differences in Compression Levels

Recovery wear comes in varying compression levels. Low-compression attire provides only mild pressure, promoting good air circulation. Medium-level compression attire ramps up the pressure, while moderate-to-high compression attire has firmer compression for extreme pain. 

Consider the Fit 

The degree of compression usually informs the fit. The only way to know how much pressure is too much when wearing compression attire is to try it on. Looser-fitting garments will help you maintain your body temperature, as the clothes are more breathable. Meanwhile, you'll get the greatest degree of performance during exercise if you choose a tighter fit. 

Wrapping Up 

Improving your training with compression shorts, socks, and shirts will alleviate worn, painful muscles, enhance recovery, and help stave off soreness, reducing your risk of injury—something the three brands mentioned in this list deliver.  

So to ensure you get the best post-workout recovery clothing for your needs, keep the tips we shared in mind when purchasing. 

On that note, we welcome you to explore our collection of compression clothing to supercharge your recovery.