What Is Black Diamond Fabric and How Does It Help With Joint Muscle Recovery?

What is the black diamond fabric? Bamboo and charcoal mix.

Bamboo charcoal fabric, also known as “black diamond fabric,” is considered to be the last word in exercise and recovery wear due to its various benefits compared to the more usual varieties of fabric.

Though the fabric has yet to become a mainstay in exercise and recovery wear, Thermo Recovery Wear products all use black diamond fiber to help improve blood flow, making them ideal for leveraging your body’s natural capacities for recovery and helping alleviate pain.

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about what black diamond fabric is and all its tangible benefits.

What Is Black Diamond Fabric?

Bamboo charcoal, made from the refuse of mature bamboo plants exposed to high temperatures, has been used in East Asia since ancient times for various purposes due to its powerful absorption properties. Those properties have given it the nickname “black diamond,” showcasing its valuable role in these cultures.

Over the last few decades, Asian clothing manufacturers have been experimenting with adding bamboo charcoal particles to synthetic fibers with the help of nanotechnology. The resulting fiber is then used to create fabrics with specific perks compared to regular synthetic material, making it particularly useful for recovery wear.

Thermo is one of the pioneers of producing and selling black diamond technology in the West at a highly affordable price, with our collection of recovery wear made with bamboo charcoal.


Why Is Black Diamond Fabric So Popular?

Despite its luxurious-sounding name and fantastic benefits, black diamond fiber is fairly affordable and easy to produce. The bamboo tree is omnipresent in its native East Asia, and bamboo charcoal is produced by simply heating the material at a temperature of around 800°C.

Bamboo charcoal, the mix that makes black diamond fabric.

Afterward, the resulting particles are blended into the fibers, enhancing a material’s durability, softness, breathability, water resistance, and other factors. Although the process is facilitated through sophisticated nanotechnology, it’s remarkably fast, simple, and cheap.

Almost any sort of synthetic textile can be used to produce black diamond fabrics, making it particularly suitable for using recycled materials. As such, the black diamond technology helps make textile production more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

How Does Black Diamond Fabric Help in Recovery?

The benefits of black diamond technology for muscle recovery are the main reason why we at Thermo opt to use it for our specialized recovery wear, such as elbow recovery sleeves or wrist recovery sleeves.

Its helpfulness comes from the fabric’s conductive properties. Your body’s heat interacts with the fabric semiconductors, which then release negative ions.

These ions activate cellular vibrations, which in turn positively influence blood flow. An increased blood flow helps deliver more nutrients and oxygen to the target area. This results in faster recovery, less pain, and less swelling.

Rather than pretending to be a magic solution to all problems, black diamond technology simply helps your body use its natural capacity for recovery in a faster and more effective way. It also means you get to save money on expensive creams, ointments, pills, and other products that might even trigger unexpected side effects.

How Does Black Diamond Fabric Perform Compared to Other Materials?

Apart from its boons to muscle recovery, the general appeal of black diamond fabric comes down to a lot more than a simple handwave to ancient traditions. There are countless other concrete benefits to it over regular fabrics in everyday use, including:

1. Superior Absorption and Deodorizing Ability

Traditionally, bamboo charcoal is most renowned for its absorption properties due to its porous structure and high carbon content, and this extends to black diamond fabric too. It’s been found to effectively absorb sulfur and nitrogen-based compounds, as well as hydrocarbons.

This makes black diamond fabric perfect for exercise wear due to its capacity to absorb sweat.

2. Reduced Static Buildup

The material is highly conductive, which keeps a balanced electric charge throughout the fabric’s surface and reduces static. Less static means less chance for the material to cling to other clothing or your body, improving breathability.

3. Ease on Sensitive Skin

Black diamond helps inhibit bacterial metabolism, which reduces potential allergic reactions even more than other fabrics sterilized with antimicrobial agents.

4. Anti-Pilling

Fabric pilling is typically assessed by rating it on a level between 1 and 5, with 5 meaning no pilling whatsoever. Black diamond’s own pilling rate goes between 3.5 and 4.5, making fluff fairly slight.

5. Superior Durability and Wash Resistance

The bamboo charcoal nanoparticles are embedded in the material rather than coated onto the surface. This makes the material water-resistant, so you can wash and clean it multiple times with no adverse effects.

6. Far Infrared Radiation Properties

Metal elements included in bamboo charcoal fiber, such as calcium, potassium, or magnesium, have Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) properties that have a positive influence on human cells. When interacting with FIR, your body gets an increase in cellular energy, accelerated blood circulation, and an improved metabolism.

Two people with improved metabolism and circulation.

These properties also grant an additional boon to your body’s natural recovery capacities, along with the negative ions influencing cellular vibrations.

7. Thermal Regulation

Bamboo charcoal’s porousness grants it excellent insulation properties - it retains heat while protecting against the cold.

Research done by the Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute shows that when a 500W halogen light is shined on a bamboo charcoal yarn and a regular woolen yarn, the bamboo charcoal yarn emits 87–92% more infrared rays and has a warm-up temperature of 10°C, as opposed to wool’s 5°C.

8. Moisture Regulation

Bamboo charcoal yarn features a cross-section that’s filled with tiny gaps. This makes it much better at ventilation and moisture absorption compared to conventional fabrics. As such, it absorbs sweat and keeps you dry even on hot and humid days.

9. Antimicrobial Functions

Black diamond fiber is highly effective at decomposing microorganisms attached to its surface or floating in the air around it, as shown by the ASTM E2149-2001 antimicrobial test, with the antimicrobial rate consistently going above 80%. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most sought-after questions related to what black diamond fabric is and its properties and uses:

Does Black Diamond Fabric Help Prevent Injury?

Despite their positive role in recovery, Thermo products, as well as all other black diamond fiber recovery wear, aren’t going to prevent a potential injury from happening.

Does Black Diamond Fabric Help Exercise Performance?

Although the fabric may indirectly help, thanks to improved sweat absorption and beneficial effects on circulation, there’s no observed direct link between black diamond fabric and exercise performance. Be wary of any brands claiming that their black diamond fabric wear helps you exercise more effectively!

What Else Is Black Diamond Fabric Used For, Other Than Recovery Wear?

Black diamond fabric finds broad use in sportswear, exercise gear, professional workwear, as well as everyday casual clothing and accessories.

In Conclusion

Now that you know what black diamond fabric is, you know that high-quality recovery wear from this material helps promote faster and more effective recovery after strains, sprains, contusions, and other injuries.

Due to black diamond fabric’s unique absorption properties, high conductivity enabling the release of negative ions, and other beneficial features, it’s particularly effective at helping your body’s natural metabolism quickly recover from injuries.

While it won’t help your exercise performance or prevent any injuries from happening, black diamond fabric recovery wear is an essential addition to your post-surgical wardrobe so you can recover from injuries as quickly as possible and return to your usual routine.

Check out our collection of Thermo Recovery Wear made with black diamond fabric and see all its benefits firsthand!